Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Tribute To Flex

 hye ,we would like to express our sadness to Flex mummy as Flex has leave and went to heaven.

we hope that flex mummy would be strong as we know how it felt.our mummy and daddy are not rich people so they cant really afford to send us to clinic if any 11 of us get we hope that we wont fell sick like would make mummy and daddy very sad like flex mummy.

so be patient flex mummy.and flex we hope u are happy playing and eating where ever u are.u are going to be truly miss.



  1. hai..tq so much 4 this really touched my heart..i hope there's non of u will get sick..i'll pray 4 ur health.. even though ur mummy & daddy are not rich but they is so much love in 4 all of u..and that's make them the richest people in the world.. thanks again..

  2. nanti antiygchantek nie doa byk2 kasi mummy dpt keje ek...