Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hye Human!Please Read This!

dearest all human,
all of us are so blessed that we have a wonderfull mummy and daddy to take care of us.
otherwise we will end up in the street looking for food and begging for sympathy from other human.
mummy and daddy save a lot of us from homeless.
both of them do love those beautiful and fancy cat like persian.but they think that saving those thats unfortunate is much closer to their heart.
and now we are making this public announcement..
if u love animal pls save those stray animals.
and please teach ur kids to love animal.
one of us that is kechik had a bad experience before as he was kick and bullied by a small kid.and mummy save pls help to save those homeless animal instead of getting those high price pet at pet store.
as we are also cute and loyal and homeless....
there are not much shelter for us.
pls go to this website to adopt


1 comment:

  1. Saya setuju, ramai yg ska kucing2 cantik macam persian. Baik kutip kucing2 terbiar tak berumah tu, kesian, x pyh keluar belanja beribu kan...