Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Addition In the Family!

hye im "maggi"
mummy and daddy found me stuck at neighbour house.herm how did i get there?im also confuse right now.
anyway pity me i was named "maggi" because mummy and daddy bring me back in maggi mee box.
haha very funny!not!anyway im still adjusting with the environment as mummy and daddy got 11 cats.pening kepala ai u i was being very "maggi fierce".hope that i can adjust as mummy seem like a fun owner.
so thats all then.see u again!
love ,


  1. comeynnya maggie.
    anak bulus kita sama..11 ekor.
    hope maggie berbahagia selalu.

  2. Yes, Maggi so cute...montel...untung maggi have a lovely mama