Monday, March 29, 2010

Risau !Risau!

its 4.30 am.and i still cant sleep.its horrible!
i woke up and went to my computer and all i saw at my floor is shit everywhere.
yes cat shit.
i am so worried!
even though i change their food already.bukan la to fancy food or anything.
its just smart heart as im still on a tight budget so terpaksala.
but kesian them and kesian me as they keep on cirit birit maybe sebab that old tesco food.
and kesian me as i have to clean it everyday.
and the house is so damn smelly.
ni la masalahnya kalau duduk appartment.
poor babies.risau risau pun just have to do what i can at the moment.
hope they get their appetite soon !!
i wish i wish!

1 comment:

  1. sha... if you can come over here - naik comuter ke... boleh bawa dorang gi vet (bawa sekor-dua pun ok) nanti yang lain boleh minta ubat je...

    * ring me if you need help - jangan malu2 ok...*