Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jumpa Kucing!Kalau Tak Ada Orang Claim Siapa Siapa Boleh Jaga You Are Most Welcome!!

we found this cat.
there is this house near the lift threw away this cat infront of our eyes!
so daddy chase him
he is so DAMN BIG.
at the moment we call him GIANT
OMG we are so scared of him as he is so big!
mummy also scared.haha
he also got bell around his neck so he might belong to someone.
we dont think that the house that throw him away own the cat as the house is full of bangladesh people.
so we are putting up poster for him tomorrow so that he can go back home.
if within 3days nobody claim him we are giving away GIANT.
so if anybody want the cat we are willing to give him a new home.
please RSVP if u want him.
mummy and daddy cant afford him :(

this is GIANT.if we cant find the owner and u are interested pls left me a massage.



  1. ABuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

    Abu aku!

    erk! takkan Abu sampai ke sana.

    kalau kamu tgk entry2 lepas aku ada sekor kucing pendatang kat rumah aku.

    sekarang dah hilang!
    sebijik! tapi ekor dia kembang dan bulu halus!!!

    Ada tuan kot tu..

  2. haha kan.besar gila macam makan biawak.haha

  3. sha... agak2 berapa umur kucing tu ekkk? male or female? Berat berapa kg?

    my kids love to have a big cat!

    * I'll ask them if they want - after nobody claims him/her

  4. alamak... i asked a stupid question! You mentioned already that the cat is a 'he' :p
    hehehehehehe :D

  5. wah...comel nyer giant...nak.!!

    da lama cari kuceng bulu cam ni..

  6. i need replacement... im looking for persian orange cat.. someone animal kill my cat.. i dont kno y..

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