Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Visit To PAWS!!!!Do Read This!!!

finally internet is in mummy's house!and all of u know already what happen to our beloved maxy sad but we have to countinue our life but it doesnt mean that we forgot bout maxy..he will always be in our heart.well we have a new addition in the family.its not "maggi".mummy and daddy found "maggi" owner already.but we will talk about it in new posting soon ok.

for now we want to talk about mummy and daddy visit to PAWS ara damansara.if u guys dont know much about PAWS...PAWS is a place where unlucky cats and dogs that has no home took nice right.and all of the cats and dogs here are taken care and up for there are all vaccinated and neutered.u human can also contribute by giving cat and dog foods and such and also be a volunteer!and it would be nicer if u could adopt them!the small one would be 50rm and the big one would be cheap right!!additional can food thrown in if u adopt while stock last!thanks to smartheart!
here is some picture from mummy and daddy visit to PAWS....
PAWS is open as above mention come and visit!!! ;)
one of the cats there.a bit skinny but actually beautiful.with blue and contribute cat food to them!
one of the oldest cat there.poor him right but hes taken care there ;)
look at her face so cute right!!
mummy with a bunch of cats there.there all came at mummy as mummy smells like cats.haha
dog cage.they have around 4 cages of dogs if im not theres alot of dogs to be adopt!!
some of the dogs that just arrive
cat cages.big right..there so many cats that need home.if u love persian they have persian also!!
this uncle is a volunteer he said.hes really nice.the one thing that he said that amaze me is something like "im old nobody want me so i work here.animals are much understanding than human"...we totally agree uncle :)
here is how u can help!!!!u can login to their website at to know more!!or u can just contact mummy and daddy ;)
they are all waiting to be adopt ..just like us so do help them!!



  1. tersentuh kata2 uncle kalau la banyak duit...

  2. pernah pergi ke SPCA Melaka.

    teruk sangatkeadaan dia. uncle yg jaga pun lebih tua dr uncle PAWS yg kamu pergi ni.. :(