Wednesday, March 24, 2010


dearest all ,
mummy and daddy is having a problem.
as mummy is not working and daddy gonna start his new job next month so they can only afford to give us regular food,that is Tesco food.
so all of us have been vomiting yesterday.
just a question is it food or something else.
as we vomit water and some of the cat food
and we dont eat at all today.
as mummy and daddy cant afford to buy fancy cat food right now is there any suggestion that u can give mummy and daddy.all suggestion is much appriciated

thank you,

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  1. Salam... I have no idea why they vomit... Before makan TESCO food tu, pernah tak muntah? Cuba stop... I would like to give some food that our kitties eat to them... the prob is I can't drive out of my area :-S

    * if you can come over *