Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This Is Us .The Big One

okay we are not going to put so much picture in this posting as u all know theres too many of us.

name after :spongebob snails
i was found at: bus stop.i was skinny and no fur at end of my tail
fave food :anchovies
special skills:surprise and stalk people
story i cant forget by far :i went missing for two days.mummy and daddy was so worried.luckily good people found me and i was back home.

name after :my little paw that always massage mummy's tummy
i was found at: restaurant downstairs.a big fat kid kick me around and mummy save me.
fave food :i eat anything a cat could eat
special skills:i can massage with my paws
story i cant forget by far :when i was save by mummy


name after :a drama character mummy use to watch who is fierce and beautiful
i was found at: downstairs at mummy's apartment while i was wondering around
fave food :fresh fish
special skills:i can kick any cat butt in this house
story i cant forget by far :when i have my 3 little kitten.i also daddy's little cat.still does.

name after :if u look at my picture my face was kinda like wearing a mask.thats how maxy came from
i was found at: at a flat house.daddy found me and bring me home
fave food :i eat anything thats why daddy call me fatso.
special skills:i can roll and roll and roll just to get mummy attention and also i have big voice
story i cant forget by far :when i fell sick.mummy and daddy bring me to the clinic in the heavy rain.i have to stay at the clinic for few days due to kidney was awful.i almost die.

name after :wall e girlfriend.oh you know the cartoon.
i was found at: mummy's office.i was a bit reluctant actually but she seem like a good person.turn out she is!
fave food :bread!weird right?
special skills:i am already special.i hate people though sometime.
story i cant forget by far :when i have my 3 babies.

all about the small one next!

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