Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yes Its A Cats World

well mummy decided to make us a blog.as we cant type so mummy gonna type and put all the cute picture of us.it would be awesome since its proof how much mummy and daddy love all of us.

we are all stray cats.and mummy and daddy save us from being homeless.we are so thankful.oh yes mummy and daddy want to say something.

" we both feel really bless to have all of this cats in our life.even though all of them are just stray cats but we just love them all from the bottom of our hearts."

thanks mummy and daddy.more picture and posting coming soon.


  1. Bless ur kind heart! Both of u! Ur cats are little darlings!! They all lokk healthy...what do u feed them with..all chubby2 ones!!

  2. i feed them with whatever they can eat.haha.thanks!hope u can leave ur name and link so that i can noe u

  3. wahhhhh dah ada blog sendiri eekkkk anak2 bulu comel semua :-*

    auntie e is a lazy type of person so can't afford to create a special blog for my beloved kitties. All under one roof and yet seldom have the mood to update :-S

  4. auntie e must do!dont be so lazy auntie!

  5. hai!!

    aku skodeng kamu semua di sini!! :)