Thursday, January 28, 2010

Us The Little One

well mummy to lazy to put picture as there is so many of us.u can just look at our picture at the side.more posting to come.enjoy knowing us the little one first!

ming ming (bella's)
gender : male
name after :mummy and daddy name me after that wonderpet character.
fave food :can food!i love it!
hobby :play with daddy!
special skills:okay mummy and daddy said i love to bully other cats but i dont think its true.

minnie (bella's)
gender : female
name after :okay mummy said i look like mickey mouse because im black.but im female so they name me minnie like mickey's girlfriend.
fave food :cat food.any type
hobby :sleep!
special skills:sleeping!

chicka (bella's)
gender : female
name after :from a drama character.ahh mummy watch way to many drama!
fave food :can food,daddy's and mummy's food.
hobby : chasing other cat and bite them.
special skills:can escape really well if get caught by those two monster!opps!i mean mummy and daddy..

mojo jo (eva's)
gender : male
name after :that villain character from powerpuff girl!
fave food :can food is my fave but i settle with any food.
hobby : playing and sleeping!
special skills:i have sleepy eye.mummy said every time she look at me she fill sorry for me.kinda like puppy i can fool her anytime.

dora (eva's)
gender : female
name after :mummy and daddy love to watch kids cartoon so much they name me after that explorer!
fave food :i love any food including mummy and daddy foods.
hobby : playing and sleeping also!
special skills:mummy and daddy just cant differentiate me and mojo jo so they put a bell around my everytime i ran round the house u can hear my cute bell.

bam bam (eva's)
gender : female
name after :okay i have big butt when i was born.thanks mummy and daddy for the i dont have big butt okay as i play a i lose some weight there.
fave food :i love food!enuff said.
hobby : playing under the bed!
special skills:i can speak!believe me.

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